PausAR Viewer for WordPress Elementor

Augmented Reality and 3D for WordPress Websites with Elementor

No-Code 3D & AR for WordPress with Elementor

100% integrated in Elementor Page Builder

AR directly in the web without app download

Websites with Web Augmented Reality (AR): The next level of consumer experience

Increase website interactivity with 3D and Augmented Reality (AR)

The interactive experience of your products or services, in real time and in your customer’s space, opens up completely new, innovative sales and advertising potential.

Web AR triggers more emotions than text, images or video and transforms the website visit into an interactive experience. The result: companies that use AR experiences are 41% more likely to be selected in the purchase decision.

PausAR Viewer for Elementor is a user-friendly WordPress plugin for displaying 3D & Web AR content on websites. Built as an Elementor widget, the UI is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge!

120 seconds to display 3D & AR content on your Website
Play Video about 120 seconds to display 3D & AR content on your Website

PausAR Viewer for Elementor

…from install to first AR Experience in 120 seconds!

Our 3D & augmented reality solution for WordPress websites with Elementor

Easy to Use 3D Viewer with Web Augmented Reality

Take your WordPress website to the next level and benefit from the potential of web based augmented reality with PausAR Viewer for Elementor. Integrate 3D & augmented reality into profit-boosting marketing campaigns with ease.

Advantages of our Web AR plugin for WordPress Elementor

PausAR Viewer: The easiest 3D & AR solution for WordPress Elementor

PausAR Viewer is a simple but powerful solution to take advantage of Web Augmented Reality (web AR) for your business. The direct integration of 3D content into Elementor WordPress websites and the activation of the AR mode in our Plugin enables experiences that are not only memorable, but also sustainably increase your sales and website conversions.

Plug & Play

PausAR Viewer is ready to use immediately after installation. Select the PausAR Viewer widget in the Elementor Page Builder, upload your 3D models and experience them in AR. Elementor Free is all you need!

No programming skills required

PausAR Viewer is a no-code solution for displaying 3D and augmented reality content on WordPress websites with Elementor. All functions are set directly in the Elementor widget. No programming experience necessary!

Extensive design possibilities

PausAR Viewer can be styled directly in the Elementor Page Builder under "Style". The UI is based on the design options known from other Elementor widgets. In default PausAR Viewer uses your predefined design (e.g. for buttons).

Own hosting - no iFrame

PausAR Viewer is installed as a plugin on your website. 3D models are only saved on your server. Tracking tools (e.g. Google Analytics) can easily be used to measure performance.

Automatic AR support detection

PausAR Viewer automatically recognizes whether your device has AR support, starts the AR Experience or shows possible alternatives for starting the AR content (e.g. QR code on PC).

2.8+ billion supported devices

PausAR Viewer is available on almost every mobile device. Augmented Reality is supported from android 7.0 or iOS 12 (from iPhone 6s or iPad 5th generation) and on the Apple Vision Pro!

PausAR Viewer for WordPress Elementor

Time spent on your website +43% with Web AR & 3D

Conversion Rate +94% with Web AR

PausAR Viewer: Web AR for WordPress Websites with Elementor 

3D & Web Augmented Reality for WordPress websites with Elementor

Benefits of PausAR Viewer content on your website

Examples – 3D & Web Augmented Reality for WordPress Elementor

3D and Web AR integrated into your WordPress website

PausAR Viewer Quick Start

Web AR for WordPress Elementor Websites

With ease, you can give your customers an emotional and up-close experience that is memorable and sells. PausAR Viewer is very easy to use, requires no programming knowledge and is natively integrated into Elementor.

1. install and activate the plugin

2. select PausAR Viewer in Elementor

3. upload 3D models and make settings

4. view result in 3D and Web AR

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monthly payment

All prices in Euro or USD excluding VAT.

After termination of the license, functions are no longer available after the end of the term.
The sale is carried out by Freemius, based in the USA. During the payment process, you have the option of adding your VAT ID. You must also enter the VAT ID for orders from Germany, as the sale is processed by Freemius in the USA.

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PausAR Studio Enterprise

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PausAR Viewer FREE

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Download our limited free version and get to know the PausAR Viewer for Elementor.

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Most asked questions about Paus AR Viewer for Elementor


No! You don’t need to download an app to display augmented reality. The AR view starts directly in the web browser with AR Quick Look (iOS) and Scene Viewer (android).

To do this, PausAR Viewer generates a QR code on a desktop device (PC) when the button is clicked, which can be scanned by a smartphone. The AR view can be started on the smartphone using the same button.

As PausAR Viewer is a web-based 3D & AR solution, the 3D models should be as compact as possible (small file size). Otherwise, the loading time of the experience will be longer, which can lead to users bouncing and a poor user experience. The free app “Blender”, for example, is a good platform for creating 3D models for AR.

Feel free to contact us if you need support in creating 3D models for AR.

The following file formats are supported:

  • GLTF (.glb)
    • used for the 3D preview and android AR
  • USDZ
    • used for the AR view on iPhones, iPads and Apple Vision Pro
  • reality (not included in PausAR Viewer FREE)
    • created with Apple’s Reality Composer
    • used for interactive AR experiences on iPhones, iPads and Apple Vision Pro

No! PausAR Viewer works completely in the free version of the Elementor Page Builder. So it is possible to use PausAR Viewer without an Elementor Pro license and benefit from the advantages of Web Augmented Reality on your website.

No! PausAR Viewer is a widget integrated in Elementor and benefits from the possibilities that Elementor offers WordPress users. However, the free version of Elementor, which can be installed from the plugin marketplace, is sufficient.

Yes, all AR Experiences created with PausAR Viewer and available on the iPhone or iPad are automatically available on the Apple Vision Pro in AR.

The PausAR Viewer is integrated into the Elementor Page Builder and is displayed within the Elementor widgets. To do this, you must open the page to be edited with Elementor and can then select and operate the PausAR Viewer from the widget list via drag & drop.

Yes, as long as your WordPress theme is Elementor compatible. If you can use Elementor in your theme, the PausAR Viewer will also work! Otherwise, you always have the option of creating an “Elementor Canvas” page on which you can use the PausAR Viewer and link to this page.

PausAR Viewer supports:

  • PHP 7.0 and higher
  • WordPress 5.9.0 and higher
  • Elementor 3.12.0 and higher

You can find more information in our documentation.

After canceling the PausAR Viewer subscription, your PausAR Viewer version will be downgraded to PausAR Viewer FREE and the 3D preview and AR experience will be adjusted accordingly.

Your previous settings will be retained if you reactivate your subscription at a later date and will be automatically reactivated.

You will lose access to all Pro features, e.g. the adjustable call-to-action button in the AR view or the display of animations in the 3D preview.

Interactive website experiences for your customers

3D & AR integrated in Elementor Page Builder

PausAR Viewer is fully integrated into the popular WordPress plugin “Elementor Page Builder”. Therefore, the 3D & AR functions also work with nested widgets (e.g. accordions or tabs). These can then be used, for example, to create simple 3D configurators that are equipped with an augmented reality function.

3D configurators give your customers an interactive experience and increase the time they spend on your website. At the same time, you increase your customers’ satisfaction and boost your conversion rate.

PausAR Viewer Pro quick start!

Play Video about Wall Tracking & Sound in Web Augmented Reality for WordPress

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The discount code can be entered during the order process. The price will be adjusted after entering the coupon in the checkout. Available only for 1-site licences with monthly payment. Valid until 17.05.2024 23:59 GMT+2.