PausAR Viewer: Making Websites more interactive with Web based AR

Newton's pendulum in Web Augmented Reality & 3D

No-Code 3D & AR for WordPress with Elementor

100% integrated in Elementor Page Builder

AR directly in the web without app download

Websites with Web Augmented Reality (AR): The next level of consumer experience

Increase website interactivity with 3D and Augmented Reality (AR)

The interactive experience of your products or services, in real time and in your customer’s space, opens up completely new, innovative sales and advertising potential.

Web AR triggers more emotions than text, images or video and transforms the website visit into an interactive experience. The result: companies that use AR experiences are 41% more likely to be selected in the purchase decision.

PausAR Viewer is a simple but powerful solution to take advantage of Web Augmented Reality for your business. The direct integration of 3D content into Elementor WordPress websites and the activation of the AR mode enables an experience that is not only memorable, but also sustainably increases your sales.

Newtons pendulum in web AR Video
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